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Live Finder - CNIC Information System

Check CNIC Information with LiveFinder

How to Check Nadra CNIC Information?

Live Finder - CNIC Information System is specifically designed to collect information about the ID card number entered by our valued visitors. The process is straightforward. Firstly, you must enter the CNIC number. Then click on 'Search' and you will see the details of that person, i.e. their Name, Address, and how many active SIM cards they have.

Live Finder Featured Tools

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How to Check CNIC Sim Number?

There is a need to know how many SIM cards have been issued against your CNIC as soon as possible if you do not know them. It is important to know how many SIM cards are registered on your CNIC. You can find out how many SIM cards you have been issued and active by entering your CNIC number in the given field and pressing the Search button. The list of SIMs registered against that specific CNIC will appear in tabular format.

How To Find CNIC Number From Mobile Number?

If you want to know on which CNIC the SIM is registered, this method will guide you to find out CNIC number through a mobile number. For this purpose, you will have to use Live Finder Sim Information tool to get the CNIC number by users Mobile number.

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